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Hospital Week began May 10; reach out and thank them today

Most heroes don’t appear until you need them. We don’t give them much thought until we’re in a crisis, and our gratitude often fades quickly ... Read more

2 weeks ago by Staff Reports.

Mayor McLendon boosts Census

Mayor Dexter McLendon is working hard to ensure every person in Greenville is counted during the 2020 census. In the midst of our altered lifestyles ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

National Guard rumors dispelled

A graphic is making the rounds on social media claiming that the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to mobilize the National Guard. This information ... Read more

1 month ago by Staff Reports.

Making the most of ‘Corona Time’

I have to say that this spring has been the strangest of my entire life. I daresay it has been for you, too. Everybody’s being ... Read more

1 month ago by Angie Long.

There’s still time for Easter candy

With all of the focus on COVID-19, curfews and stay-at-home orders, we’ve almost forgotten what time of year it is. You got it, it’s Easter, ... Read more

2 months ago by Mark Rogers.

AG partners with Amazon.com

Attorney General Steve Marshall recently announced a partnership with Amazon.com to combat unconscionable online price gouging of Alabamians by bad actors during the current pandemic.  ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

BCBS warns of scams

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama is warning their customers and Alabamians about national Coronavirus scams. These scams are targeting members by leveraging fear ... Read more

2 months ago by Staff Reports.

Folks, this ain’t no chickenpox party

The fast-paced way of life that has dominated the 21st century was abruptly halted two weeks ago when the coronavirus crossed state lines and began ... Read more

2 months ago by Adam Prestridge.

State infant mortality rate drops

The Alabama Department of Public Health announces that the infant mortality rate of 7.0 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2018 is the lowest in ... Read more

4 months ago by Staff Reports.

Gov. Ivey awards $2.5M in grants

Gov. Kay Ivey on Tuesday announced that she has awarded grants totaling more than $2.5 million to help homeless Alabamians with immediate housing assistance and ... Read more

5 months ago by Staff Reports.

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